If you’re a driver for any kind of CDL vehicle, you should know you are very important to the industry and our economy. Not just anyone can do what you do! Fighting tickets for CDL drivers is becoming more important than ever.

You are more of a target than ever before.   With recent events, there is no question our country has remembered the importance of the trucking industry, but truckers seem to be under more scrutiny than ever. State and local governments experiencing major budget deficits appear to be scrambling to recuperate their income from the quarantine dip. As a result, we are seeing DOT and local law enforcement officers writing more citations. We have seen this spike more for minor infractions that typically do not see very often, but can still make an impact on your livelihood. Within the last three months, three different nationwide safety crackdowns have given thousands of CDL drivers tickets and put hundreds of drivers out of service. And the increased stops for minor infractions have gone up all over the country. Fighting tickets for CDL drivers has become that much more important to the industry. So what is your worth as a driver? You are the backbone of America’s economy, the saving grace for millions of quarantined Americans, a highly-sought-after skilled worker. But you are also an object of scrutiny by the public and at the whim of highly-charged public opinion. You are a favorite target of local governments hungry for lost revenue.

The next question to ask is, what is your protection worth? Fighting Tickets for CDL Drivers

At CDL Legal, we work every day to keep drivers safe and on the road. We maintain our own “fleet” of skilled workers. They’re our attorney network all over the country who specialize in fighting tickets for CDL drivers. Truckers who drive across the country and get tickets need an attorney who is local to the court where the ticket was given. They need an attorney who knows the local and state traffic laws, who has a relationship with the district attorney and judge, and who has years of experience fighting for CDL drivers. Each of our attorneys fills that role in a different part of the country, and their success rate for reducing or dismissing tickets is 95%!  But maybe getting a single ticket here or there isn’t too bad. Is it really worth the cost of an attorney and the hassle of going to court? Be aware. One ticket, one single ticket can be enough to suspend your license. Every state has a different system for driver’s licenses and how tickets affect them. A ticket you get in Colorado may not seem like a big deal. But when it’s reported to your home state of Delaware, you may get a surprise in the mail: your license has been suspended.  And what about attorney expenses? What if they gouge you for a ton of money and then don’t do anything for you in court? There are two reasons our attorneys have a 95% success rate. One is that, unlike most traffic attorneys who only get paid months after a case is closed, our attorneys get paid upfront. The second reason is that we, not you, are paying them. That’s right, if you are a member of CDL Legal, we pay the attorney’s representing price. They want to keep our business, so they keep on winning cases.

Protecting yourself against future tickets is investing in a long and profitable career.

Instead of gaps in your work because of a suspended license and high insurance rates and a bad PSP that makes carriers less likely to hire you, choose CDL Legal. We can protect your license. We can keep you on the road. If you have more questions about our process, our membership perks, and prices, or if you have a ticket already and you need help, contact us. Give us a call at 913-738-4836 or email us at protect@cdllegal.com to learn more.