With everything else going on (and going wrong) this year, it’s easy to forget about upcoming events. But this is one you’ll want to put back on your calendar. It’s time for the CVSA’s National Brake Safety Week!

Let me be clear. Do not take this lightly. The CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) puts on a Brake Safety Week every year. This year’s event, running August 23 – 29 will see a massive increase in truck inspections across the country. DOT officials will be poking around the brake systems of every truck they stop and paying special attention to all brake lines and hoses

The CVSA holds this event every year to promote safety, which is always a good thing. However, with states’ governments coming out of the quarantine season they may be making up for lost time with the potential of more inspections done than prior years. More inspections mean more potential citations, DOT violations, and fines issued.  

You have goals you are working to accomplish, right?    Lost revenue and the cost of violations are not going to help hit those goals. Be prepared so that you are not sidelined for something that is preventable. During last year’s brake week, one out of every seven trucks caught with brake problems were put out of service

So, what can you do? 

  1. Before Sunday, August 23rd, go over your truck with a fine-toothed comb! Any problem can bring a fine, and brakes will get special inspection treatment. You should do it again at the start of a trip, in the middle, at the end. They can’t get you for anything if there’s nothing to get.
  2. Also, check that your logs and registration are accurate. Officers will often look over those, too. We’ve seen a big increase in logbook violation tickets, as well as tickets for other usually-overlooked violations. Protect yourself by keeping the books clean.
  3. Finally (and, yes, we’re going to keep saying this) sign up for CDL Legal’s membership. If you get a ticket or inspection report this week, we’ll have your back. Our attorneys and CSA experts across the country work hard to keep CDL drivers’ licenses clear. Our success rate for reducing or dismissing tickets is 95%. And the best part: for members who bring in tickets, we pay for the attorney.

Sign up now or learn more

And don’t forget to check your brake lines and hoses! Be safe out there.