Look out! May 17-19 is this year’s International Roadcheck Event. Local law enforcement and state DOT officers will be out in force to check drivers and their trucks for road safety and compliance. It’s always important to keep your equipment, registration, and logs up to standard. But this next week more than ever, drivers have to be on their game.

What can you expect during the blitz this year? According to the CVSA site (CVSA is the organization that coordinates these safety blitzes), this year the focus will be wheel ends. In previous years, wheel end violations counted for a quarter of all the violations given out during International Roadchecks. So that will be where inspectors will be looking. But that doesn’t mean drivers can slack off in other areas.

Where can you expect to run into the blitz? Well, everywhere. The CVSA works with law enforcement all over the lower 48 and in Canada. The CVSA exists to help law enforcement do their jobs by giving training and resources, as well as running safety blitzes like this. They’re not a bogeyman out to get drivers. They’re just trying to make sure everyone is being safe out there on the road. The annual International Roadcheck events usually focus on some part of safety that would be a big problem if drivers ignored it. In the words of CVSA president, John Broers, “We want every vehicle on our roadways to be in proper working order for the safety of the driver operating that vehicle and everyone traveling on our roadways.”

What other safety blitzes are coming this year? There are two more major safety blitzes scheduled this year by the CVSA. This first one is Operation Safe Driver Week. It runs July 10-16. The second is Brake Safety Week, August 21-27. Put them on the calendar. We’ll come back around to give more details on them when they get closer.

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