It’s the middle of 2022 and it seems like the summer heat is sapping all the energy out of the air. I talked with a driver today who’s been stranded in the desert for a week trying to get his truck repaired. Another driver told me yesterday about a speed trap just before his delivery point. He had to pass back through it on his return and racked up a total of 3 different traffic stops in one afternoon. Basically, this year has been exhausting.

So I just wanted to give some recognition to all the truckers who are out there hustling through adversity. You are solving one problem after another and getting it done for your families, your carriers, and all of us. If it seems like you’ve come up against an overwhelming obstacle, don’t give up. If you think you’re alone out on the road, you’re not. It’s not just the dispatcher checking in or you family back home waiting for you. There are countless people in all the industries tied to trucking and freight that rely on you. They’re looking to you to deliver what they need. And if it feels like you’re not getting the gratitude for that hard work, then let me say it for them: Thank you. We needed what you brought us, and we’ll need you again on the next load. You are the reason we can even do business, feed our families, operate in our lives.

One last thing. I said you’re not alone out there, and I want to back that up. CDL Legal exists to help drivers by protecting your license from tickets. We can help keep you on the road. We’re also here to help with DOT regulations, license issues, and more. We want to support you the same way you support us. We work in the background to help you keep doing what you’re doing without fear. And when you have a legal problem you can’t solve, we are only a call away.

Thank you, truckers.

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