Even in our settled, mapped out, and civilized country, the open road is still a wild frontier. There are different, strange, and sometimes dangerous things and people at every stop. Over the road drivers experience and see things that sound like Wild West tales to friends and family back home. Some stories are fun and funny. Others are anything but.

Although most people think slavery is a thing of the past, underground slave trafficking is alive and well in the USA. Sources estimate that tens of thousands of slaves exist in our country right now; hidden in businesses, private homes, and truck stops. Truckers have a unique perspective and ability to move through and into many different areas of the country. This makes them ideal watchmen against slave trafficking. Slavers may be able to hide their movements and business from the average suburbanite, but they’re much more exposed to drivers who have seen enough of the “Wild West” to spot when something seems wrong. And when you see something wrong, there’s something you can do about it.

Truckers Against Trafficking is a non-profit organization that trains drivers to recognize, report, and respond to potential victims of human trafficking and their captors. TAT works with the federal government, local law enforcement, and drivers everywhere to fight back and root out this evil. And together, they’re making a difference. With over 750,000 trained men and women watching and reporting, TAT has helped law enforcement identify over a thousand trafficking victims.

There are tons of ways an individual or an organization can help Truckers Against Trafficking in the cause of saving victims of human trafficking and stopping modern slavery for good. You can be trained and certified by TAT, donate to the cause, and more. Please follow this link to the TAT website to see what you can do to help. Use your vantage point and skills to save someone’s life.