We helped drivers with a lot of tickets in 2019. Now, their CDL tickets can help you watch out for areas around the country with high ticketing counts and the types of tickets given there. Here are the top five states for tickets (based on our data) in 2019. We’ll give you the numbers first, then break them down by state.

Top 5 States – Tickets per Road Mile:
1. California
– (12.33% of total tickets)
Top Area: Kern County, City of Lamont
Violations: Speeding, Improper Lane, Improper Log Taking
2. Delaware
– (0.38% of total tickets)
Top Area: New Castle County, City of Dover
Violations: Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device
3. Georgia
– (7.36% of total tickets)
Top Area: Fulton County, City of Atlanta
Violations: Improper Lane or Lane Change, Speeding
4. Ohio
– (6.79% of total tickets)
Top Area: Huron County, City of Greenwich, and City of Norwalk
ViolationsDriving on Closed Road, Off Truck Route
5. Texas
– (14.44% of total tickets)
Top Area: El Paso County and Harris County, City of El Paso, and City of Houston
Violations: Speeding, Vehicle Light Out


Okay, let’s break all this down. California had the second most tickets overall, but the highest likelihood to get a ticket. With such a large amount of tickets, there’s a decent spread around the state, and the CDL tickets are all for different things. However, Kern County (located on I-5 between Fresno and LA, contains Bakersfield) took the lead by far. The hot spot there was Lamont, which is a little suburb of Bakersfield. Someone there is working overtime giving out speeding tickets. Also, quite a few tickets were given for “Improper Lane Use”; and a surprising number were given for “Log Violations.”

Delaware was next. We only recorded 0.38% of the total CDL tickets in Delaware in 2019, but given the size of the state compared to California, that’s a huge percent of tickets per road mile. Most happened in the north part of the state, and 50% of those were for “Failure to obey a Traffic Device.” Surprisingly, none were for speeding.

Georgia came in at #3 for tickets per road mile. Georgia’s CDL tickets were much more evenly spread out among different areas. There were quite a few tickets in Atlanta, but the rest were scattered among a dozen cities. The top two reasons for tickets were “Improper Lane Use” or “Improper Lane Change” and “Speeding.”

After Georgia is Ohio. Little Ohio had the 4th most tickets overall, only 6 behind Georgia. The most tickets in Ohio were in the northern part of the state, just west of Cleveland. The two towns that kept coming up were Norwalk and Greenwich, both of which seem to have poorly marked truck routes or some construction. Most tickets there were for “Driving on Closed Roads” or “Off Truck Routes.”

Texas comes in 5th for miles per CDL ticket, though it had the most overall. El Paso and Houston were the two biggest hot spots. Almost all the tickets recorded in El Paso were for “Speeding.” Houston was a little more diverse with a good chunk of tickets given for “Defective Equipment.”

And that’s our list! At the end of 2020, we’ll bring you updated numbers on all this. Not that we would wish a ticket on any driver, but we are excited about what this year’s data will show. We hope this list has been helpful for you. If you do find yourself on the wrong end of a ticket, please contact us. Our favorite numbers are not how many tickets were given, but how many were dismissed.