Here at CDL Legal, we strive to provide best in class service in the event you receive a violation. However, our goal is to provide you with information so that you can avoid getting violations altogether. ELD violations have been a big problem this year, but are avoidable if you are prepared. If you run for a carrier they will also appreciate your attention to detail!

Below are 5 ELD violations we have seen a lot of this year that we want to bring to the attention of our members. Being prepared, informed, and proactive about ELDs is key to avoiding unnecessary ELD violations. Here they are:

1. ELD Violation 395.20B – Display screen visible outside of truck: To avoid this violation ensure the display of your ELD is not mounted in such a way that the screen cannot be seen from the outside of the truck.  If using a portable device such as a phone or tablet, ensure your mount includes an option to tilt the screen towards the outside of the cab or allows the device to be removed and handled by the driver. Note that portable devices such as phones do not need to be handed to inspection officers, drivers may handle them on behave of officers instead.

2. ELD Violation 395.22G – Mounted in a fixed position and visible to the driver: To avoid this violation the ELD must have a mounting position set. If using a phone it must be mounted as any other ELD device. We see the mistake of not having a permanent mount set written upon inspections. This is a very simple fix.

3. ELD Violation 395.22H1 – User manual: To avoid this violation make sure you have a printed copy of the user manual in your truck at all times. FMCSA states that the user’s manual is for the driver to describe how to operate the ELD. Each ELD device or app on the phone comes with a user manual.

4. ELD Violation  395.22H2 – ELD Instruction sheet: To avoid this violation make sure you have a printed copy of the user instruction sheet in your truck at all times. FMCSA states that the instruction sheet describes the data transfer mechanisms supported by the ELD gives step-by-step instructions to produce and transfer the driver’s hours-of-service records to an authorized safety official. 

5. ELD Violation 395.22H4 – Maintain a supply of blank logs at least 8 days: To avoid this violation, drivers must maintain at least an 8 day supply of paper logs. DOT is concerned about malfunctioning ELDs. If there is a malfunction of the ELD while out on the road this gives you a grace period to get the unit fixed.

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