Summary Description for CDL Legal LLC and its affiliates

Roadside Protect, Inc is the licensed Auto Club for this plan.

Who is eligible for coverage? All active members either direct or through carrier or affiliates. Eligible Members
must purchase plan benefits through CDL Legal, carrier, or affiliate. Membership fees must be current for member
to be eligible for coverage.
Spousal Coverage: The legal spouse of a member may be included at no additional cost. However, a member’s
spouse must be included on membership prior to date of claim event to qualify for coverage.
Vehicle Eligibility: Vehicle eligibility must include vehicles with 2 wheels or more. Boats are not covered vehicles.
Plan Benefits: Moving Violation attorney fee assistance, Non-moving violation attorney fee assistance,
Accidents leading to fatality up $3000 in attorney fee assistance, PSP/CSA challenges, roadside
assistance network access through Roadside Protect, Inc, discount network access, and coverage for
spouse and personal vehicle.
Exclusions: Coverage is not provided for any claim that results directly or indirectly from any of the
following: those charged with DUI, DWI, the possession of drugs and alcohol, driving without a valid
driver’s license, leaving the scene of an accident, past due citations, radar/scanner, and illegal use of cell
phone. Red light camera violations are also excluded. Violations obtained while operating a watercraft or
marine vessel are not covered.
Pre-existing claims: In the event of a claim event prior to the membership date then access to the
attorney network will be provided with the condition that membership is active. No attorney fee
assistance will be granted on pre-existing claim events. Non-members will not have access to attorney
network or attorney fee assistance.
Return / Refund Policy: All sales are final. While our network of attorneys are highly successful in getting tickets
dismissed or reduced, payment is no guarantee of results. All situations are evaluated on their own merits.
Payment is secured up front as required by the attorneys, and no refund is available once payment has been made.
General Provisions: This guide to benefits is not a policy or contract of insurance, but is your most complete source
of information.
How to File a Claim:
Please gather the information below if you have a covered claim during your covered travel as it will be
requested when you file a claim. All claims must be reported to CDL Legal LLC within 7 days of the court

date on the violation received.
In the event a violation is received the member must call or email CDL Legal claims the violation information.
Once your claim has been reported to a CDL Legal, one of our service associates will begin to process to secure a
local attorney to cover your case. Once an attorney has been selected by CDL Legal you will decide to hiring the
attorney or direct CDL Legal to find an alternative. Once you have hired the attorney CDl Legal will provide
attorney with your claim along with your contact information. The service associate will also provide you the your
attorney’s contact information. It will be your responsibility to follow up with your attorney and provide any and all
additional information required for attorney to work your case.
Attorney fee assistance: Depending on your package CSA Basic, Bronze, Silver, or Gold you are entitled to legal fee
assistance. CSA BASIC package members are granted access to the attorney network, but no legal fee assistance is
offered. Bronze package members are responsible for $150 of the attorney fee per occurrence. Silver package
members are responsible for $75 of the attorney fee per occurrence. Gold package members are responsible for $0 of
the attorney fee per occurrence.
Entire Contract Changes. The entire contract is made up of the plan benefits, the member’s Application, and any
attached riders and endorsements.
Any change to the Policy must be: (1) made in writing; (2) signed by one of Our officers; and (3) attached to the
plan benefits.. No agent has authority to change the plan benefits or waive any of its provisions. Your consent is not
needed to change the plan benefits.
Records. The member must maintain adequate records acceptable to us and provide any information required by us
relating to the plan benefits.
Clerical Error. If a clerical error is made, it will not affect your coverage. An error will not continue Your coverage
beyond the date coverage would end, if the error had not been made. After an error is found, We will take
appropriate action. This may include adjusting, collecting or refunding premium.
Errors and Omissions. Clerical error or omission by us to the member will not: 1. Prevent an eligible individual
from receiving coverage, if the eligible individual is entitled to coverage under the terms of the plan benefits; or 2.
Cause coverage to begin or coverage to continue for an individual when the coverage would not otherwise be
Representations. By enrolling into Plan Benefits, the member agrees that: 1. The statements in Application made
part of the plan benefits are accurate and complete; 2. Those statements are based upon the representations by the
member; and 3. We have issued the plan benefits in reliance upon the member’s representations.
We rely on statements made by the member in the Application. If there is no fraud, the member’s statements: (a) are
considered representations and not warranties and (b) will not be used to void the plan benefits or reduce any claim.
We will not contest the plan benefits after it has been in effect, except for fraud.
False Claim. If You make any claim knowing it to be false or fraudulent under any Coverage Part or Assistance
Service, that Coverage Part or Assistance Service will no longer apply to You and Your claims thereunder will be
Conformity With State Statutes. Any provision of the Policy that, on its effective date, is in conflict with the laws
and regulations of the state in which the Policy was delivered is amended to conform to the minimum requirements
of those laws and regulations.
Due Diligence. You must use due diligence and concur in doing all things reasonably practicable to avoid or
diminish potential claims. We will not unreasonably apply this provision to avoid claims.
Benefits Provided For member and member legal spouse only. The plan benefits provided by the CDL Legal are
solely for the benefit of the member and registered legal spouse. No other person or entity will have any legal or
equitable right, remedy or claim for coverages or damages under or arising from the plan benefits.
No Assignment of Coverages. Your coverages under the plan benefits may not be assigned or transferred by You,
and any rights which may arise under the plan benefits(including any claims made, or which may be made) may not
be assigned or transferred by You either by operation of law or by contract, without Our prior written consent..

Roadside Assistance Terms & Conditions


A. Call (888)993-9221
Your call is toll-free anywhere in the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii), & Canada. Give the Service
Representative your membership number and the phone number you are calling from.
B. Describe the location and vehicle
Tell us the road name and cross street or highway number and nearest mile marker. Also tell us the model,
make and color of your vehicle.
C. Describe the problem to our certified dispatch representatives
When you call Roadside, you know that our representatives are specifically trained to answer questions about
how to handle vehicle disablement situations. Explain the vehicle’s problem so we can send the proper
equipment to assist you. Your Roadside Dispatch Representative may ask you to hold while the appropriate local
Emergency Service Provider is contacted. We’ll confirm the estimated time of arrival and provide you with the
information on the Service Provider who is coming to assist you. Once your service provider is dispatched, we’ll
keep you aware of their progress by text message.
If the service does not arrive by the estimated time of arrival OR If you have been promised a call back and have
not received it in the time specified … Call us back at (888)993-9221 – We may have had difficulty locating your
vehicle and/or reaching you at your phone number.
Roadside is available for members with paid membership in the CDL Legal Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans .
Members who purchase a CDL Legal plan that have a motor club benefit bundled in the plan as required for
regulatory compliance with motor club laws and regulations. Subject to the conditions set forth in these terms
and conditions, only the following owned vehicles are included and shall be eligible for the roadside assistance
benefit, so long as they are properly licensed.
Eligible Vehicles: Registered commercial and non-commercial vehicles licensed for legal roadways.

As an access only benefit, member must pay all fees to service provider dispatched for services.
Towing Assistance – When a vehicle is disabled as a result of a breakdown, we will arrange to have it towed
to a destination of your choice.
Flat Tire Assistance – If your vehicle has an operable spare tire, it will be installed to replace a flat tire. If the
vehicle has two or more flat tires or it does not have an operable spare, the vehicle will be towed in
accordance with the towing benefit.
Fuel Delivery Service – If the vehicle runs out of fuel, we will provide for the delivery of fuel needed at the
disablement site. Specific brands or octane ratings cannot be promised.
Battery Service – When a vehicle experiences battery failure, we will provide a jump-start.
Lost Key/Lock-out Assistance – When a driver loses their key or locks them in their vehicle, service will be
sent to gain entry.
Winching/Vehicle Extraction – If a vehicle is stuck in a ditch, mud or snow, but it is accessible from a
normally traveled roadway; service will be given to either tow or winch the vehicle.

Roadside assistance services administered by Roadside Protect, Inc.
Roadside Protect, Inc. operates as Roadside Protect Motor Club in California.”


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