At CDL Legal we are all about drivers having driver legal protection. You can say that selfishly serves us, but there’s more to it. We are always hearing about drivers who lost their ability to drive because of violations they received. We wanted to change stories like these and give drivers access to reliable legal help.

Truck drivers who don’t have a legal service are left exposed to the unexpected. Attorney fees for out of state drivers can be expensive, especially with a CDL case. Not having proper representation can be costly. Things could get even worse if drivers select the wrong attorney.

However, legal plans that are designed to keep drivers safe from all these pitfalls often don’t do enough. We hear many drivers saying that legal plans are a scam. Why? Usually because when the driver needed to utilize the service, the legal service provider refused to help or the attorney didn’t show up in court.


These faulty driver legal plans don’t only hurt drivers, but attorneys as well. Often, the attorney attached to a legal protection plan that a driver relies on is not qualified for CDL cases. Or the attorney may not be motivated to show up or give his or her best effort on the driver’s behalf. This is because most attorneys are dictated a set price for their services when working these cases. They are also seldom paid until 60-90 days after the case finishes. No one wants to work for less than they’re worth, and then only get paid 3 months after the work is over. 

The problems with mismatched or unmotivated attorneys, high out of state fees, and the general lack of access drivers have to their legal needs all stem from one thing. Many legal service companies do not have direct experience in the trucking industry. They try to approach CDL law from the legal side, not the trucking side. The business model is wrong. It hurts drivers more than helps them. 


CDL Legal is changing the way citations are handled. The first problem we tackled was our own structure. We are not a company of attorneys that thought offering driver legal services was a good way to make money. We are a trucking organization. 

It starts from the top. Our CEO, Scott Shacklett, was previously a co-founder and CEO of a 500 driver fleet. Our staff is made of former dispatchers, former recruiters, and former safety people. Our approach to helping drivers is based on our understanding of trucking and law, not just law

CDL Legal revolutionizes the way attorneys connect to drivers.

  • Attorneys must meet high requirements to be part of our network.
  • We do not dictate price to attorneys.
  • We agree to pay their price.
  • We pay our attorneys upfront, not a month or more after the case.
  • We have the proper system in place to communicate with attorneys.
  • Our network focuses on attorneys local to the area where the driver got a citation.

The result is very motivated attorneys that are highly qualified and that get good results for our members. They are paid well and consistently to provide a personal representation of the driver to the judge and prosecutor. That is why we lead the industry with just over a 95% success rate and have more ticket dismissals than other driver legal service companies. It’s also why more and more drivers and CDL organizations are choosing to rely on CDL Legal. Our growth rate is exponential!


If you have been frustrated by poor driver legal help in the past, if your job has taken a hit because of a mishandled court experience, then we encourage you to contact us. We aren’t promising miracle cures; just understanding of your needs, a solid legal support system, and a track record that keeps outpacing the competition.