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Jake Sitler worked for a trucker specific legal company for many years, but was constantly frustrated by the lack of service the drivers, carriers, and attorneys were receiving. He used his background in sales and marketing combined with his experience in the trucking industry to come up with a better way to protect drivers. But it wasn’t till he met Scott Shacklett in 2016 that his idea began to come to fruition.

Jake Sitler



For over ten years, Scott Shacklett ran a rapidly growing trucking company with more than 500 drivers. Through his many years in the trucking industry, he developed a passion to help drivers. When he crossed paths with Jake, all the pieces fell into place to build a better solution to a problem most drivers face. His extensive knowledge of systems and operations made him the perfect partner to help make Jake’s vision come true.  

Scott Shacklett



Alex Clark’s extensive background in mortgage banking and underwriting gave him the useful ability to handle complex guidelines. His skills proved invaluable when he began working in trucking to learn CSA prior to FMCSA’s launch in 2010. Alex has since become one of the industry’s foremost experts on CSA. His extensive knowledge in CSA makes him an essential part of our team to keep drivers safe.

Alex Clark

Director of Compliance


With over 30 years of combined experience, our team looks forward to serving you.  We are committed to providing industry-leading legal service and providing more value than any other driver legal service on the market today. Give us a call today to learn more.