We are midway through an FMCSA safety blitz that covers the I-95 corridor through Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Other states participating in the blitz include Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. Basically, if you’re travelling through the South at all, you’re likely to get swept up in this enforcement blitz. But that’s not all! The I-81 corridor (NY, PA, MD, VA, WV) will also be on high alert.

I-95 and the southern states will keep the blitz up through tomorrow (Aug 5th) and the I-81 corridor will stay in the blitz until the 6th. DOT officers involved in this safety push won’t just be looking at CMV drivers but at passenger vehicle drivers as well. They don’t have a stated focus like brake safety. Instead, they’ll be keeping a sharper eye out for everything.

You can’t be mad at police trying to do their job extra-well for awhile. And it does help that they are going after all drivers who are behaving dangerously on the road. More safety helps everyone. However, there are things you can do as a CMV driver to keep yourself from getting snagged by this blitz and ticketed. Obviously, you can be careful on the road, don’t speed, etc. That’s a given. But here are some specific things to watch out for:

  1. Stay in the right lane in Georgia. The State of Georgia seems to give more Lane Violation tickets than any other state. Their officers are already used to looking for that, so be extra careful to stay on the right side and keep off their radar.
  2. Do a walk-around safety check before you drive through Pennsylvania. This is a good idea to do anyway. Checking your truck before, after, and during a trip, looking through your paperwork and registration to make sure it’s all there and accurate, checking your load on a scale for weight distribution, it’s all good practice. The State of Pennsylvania is known for intense inspections that result in lots of small violations. Don’t get caught on something small and avoidable.
  3. Be extra cautious in Oklahoma and Louisiana. Courts in these states tend to take the Federal Anti-Masking Law a little too seriously. They are less likely to work with CDL drivers (or their attorneys) to reduce or dismiss tickets.

The blitz will pass and we’ll still be here. One ticket, one inspection is usually not the end of the world. You can protect yourself from the potential dangers of safety enforcement blitzes like this by signing up for CDL Legal. We offer drivers and carriers top-notch legal assistance across the country to reduce and deny the impact of traffic violations on your record. Contact us to learn more.