CDL Legal operates under the principle that every driver matters, every ticket matters, every inspection matters. Our goal is to provide motor carriers with the tools and experts needed to protect what matters. If you are a safety manager, owner, or even an owner-operator, you have work cut out for you in managing and tracking your fleet and your CSA safety ratings. This is where CDL Legal and Carrier Guard come in.


Get CDL Fleet Tracking Services Today

You want to bring your business up to the next level. You want to be competitive in the marketplace. You want to know what’s going on with your drivers on the road and your CSA score. Today is the day to get CDL Legal’s fleet tracking services and legal support. 

Our CSA management system called Carrier Guard is a sleek, comprehensive platform for safety managers who want to reach that next level. Connect with our Carrier Accounts team for more details.


CDL Tracking

Carrier Guard is designed to help you track your drivers CDL license records. It does this by taking case information from the work that CDL Legal does for your drivers in court, organizing it, and displaying it for you. As CDL Legal is working for your drivers, Carrier Guard gives you same-day updates. 

This helps you stay connected with the court cases that affect your drivers. This system works best when all or most of your drivers have a CDL Legal membership. You can look at the case history, its upcoming events, and other status points. Safety managers who want to have serious conversations with their drivers about work behavior can dive into Carrier Guard as a resource.

Carrier Guard can also be equipped with MVR monitoring for your drivers. This lets you put another task under the same umbrella. Smart safety teams want to keep track of their drivers’ MVRs over time to know when a driver might receive a new ticket or get flagged for a suspension. MVR monitoring can save you from the expense of a driver being put out of service mid-trip for something on his license. 

The last component of Carrier Guard related to driver’s CDLs is the expert resource that our CDL Legal team represents. Our Citations Team and network of CDL attorneys specialize in protecting driver’s CDL license records. This is most often with traffic tickets, but we also help drivers navigate license reinstatement after a suspension. We can help a driver navigate through a court case. We help interpret and advise on legal notices or non-standard tickets that a driver may receive. All this is reported and recorded through the Carrier Guard portal. You are in the know and can access our experts any time.


CSA Transportation Tracking

Carrier Guard is a powerful tool for tracking CSA points and trends. We sync Carrier Guard to your FMCSA score so you can use our more powerful software to sort and track your CSA record. The FMCSA portal is functional, but limited in how well it displays data. It is difficult to see trends in your drivers’ behavior or maintenance problems over time. 

Carrier Guard shows your data to you in an eye-opening way. Not only does it do this in real-time, but you can adjust and turn the data to look at different angles. This arms you with vital information to make the best decisions to improve your score. If you know you need to get your Vehicle Maintenance percentage down but you don’t know where to start, Carrier Guard can show you what types of violations are common over time and in which states. It can even show you which of your drivers might not be doing his pre-trip checks.

Preview of Carrier Guard


If you can easily track your CSA transportation tends, then you can manage and predict them. This is a game changer for safety managers who are looking to turn bad safety ratings into best-in-class. If you can see the problem, you can solve the problem. Carrier Guard’s systems empower you to tackle the weakest areas of your CSA score. Once you know what to go after, the only question left is how.

Our Compliance Team is an expert resource that goes hand-in-hand with Carrier Guard. The team keeps up with your data, sending you reports about new issues that may arise. We also tackle any questions you have about your CSA safety ratings, individual inspection reports, and more. This advice is combined with our ability to process changes and challenges to your CSA score. We use the DataQ system administered by the FMCSA to take direct action against problem areas of your safety score.


CDL Scores

As a carrier, your CSA score is your status. It is the lifeblood of your business. With excellent CSA ratings, you can easily surge past your competition. With poor percentages, you will struggle to win enough bids to keep up. Everything about your business feeds through the CSA score. Your drivers’ behavior on the road, your insurance rates, your ability to bid well for loads, your registration and legal status to operate in the USA; all of it filters through your the CSA system. This is why proper management of your CSA record is so vital. 


You Need 3 Things as a Carrier When it Comes to Your CSA Score: 

  1. You need to know the score. Carrier Guard plugs into your FMCSA portal and shows you all your CSA data in real time.
  2. You need to understand the score. Carrier Guard arranges your data from driver legal cases and MVRs to BASIC category percentages and violation spikes.
  3. You need to change the score. CDL Legal’s Compliance Team picks apart your CSA record to find the best points of attack while also providing information and advice for long-term improvement.


Preview of Carrier Guard

Preview of Carrier Guard

Manage Your Fleet with Carrier Guard

Tools like Carrier Guard are the future of fleet management. What makes Carrier Guard special, though, is the support you receive from CDL Legal. Our Carrier Accounts Team is your advocate and knowledge resource. Our Citations Team fights for your drivers in courts across the country. Our Compliance Team helps you move to a higher level of CSA excellence. 

Your CDL Legal team and the Carrier Guard platform are your best option for managing your fleet and growing your business. Connect with our Carrier Accounts Team to get started now.