Truckers Beware! The CVSA is spearheading an International Roadcheck weekend that could ruin your whole run. From 9/9 through 9/11, DOT officials and local law enforcement will be out in force looking at logs and registration, load weights, and trailer lights.

The CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) is made up of State and local police across the country as well as other organizations and carriers. Its goal is to keep the trucking industry on the whole continent of North America running safely. In addition to lots of programs about safety, the CVSA puts on events every year like this one and Brake Safety Week. Drivers can expect more and deeper inspections all through the weekend.

Every year, the CVSA International Roadcheck has a theme. This year’s theme is Driver Requirements.
“Although the coronavirus pandemic, understandably, shifted priorities and personnel during the spring, the commercial motor vehicle law enforcement community has reasserted its focus on the roadside inspection program and enforcement duties,” said CVSA President Sgt. John Samis with the Delaware State Police. “Jurisdictions are nearly back to their pre-pandemic capacity with a strengthened concentration on identifying and removing unfit vehicles and drivers from our roadways using federal safety standards and the out-of-service criteria.”

So what can you do to not become one of those “unfit vehicles and drivers?” You don’t want to be put out of service by a little slip in the logs or registration that may or may not be shoved to the back of the glove box.

  1. Go over your truck with a fine-toothed comb! Any problem can bring a fine. You should do it again at the start of a trip, in the middle, at the end. They can’t get you for anything if there’s nothing to get.
  2. Also, check that your logs and registration are accurate. Officers will look especially hard at these this weekend. We’ve seen a big increase in logbook violation tickets already this year, as well as tickets for other usually-overlooked violations. Protect yourself by keeping the books clean.
  3. Sign up for CDL Legal’s membership. If you get a ticket or inspection report this weekend, we’ll have your back. Our attorneys and CSA experts across the country work hard to keep CDL drivers’ licenses clear. Our success rate for reducing or dismissing tickets is 95%. And the best part: for members who bring in tickets, we pay for the attorney.

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