Here comes the Holidays! That means lots of eating, some warm drinks, and hopefully a happy time with the family. It also means presents. If you’re like us, you agonize over what Christmas gifts to give your family year after year. It’s hard, especially if someone in the family is a long-haul trucker. What do over the road drivers need? What do they want?

We’re here to answer those two questions and make your Holiday gift shopping go a little more smoothly. We’ve broken down our gift ideas list into categories with some popular options in each. At the end of this post are some sites from which we drew inspiration. They will have more info and even some links to purchase. Happy Shopping!

Personal: This is for the driver who is dear to you. You want them to feel special, that you’re thinking of them while they’re on the road, and that the sacrifice they’re making by working long, hard hours is worth it.
– Engraved Sunglasses Case: he’ll think of you every time he reaches for his shades.
– Personalized Mud Flaps: our favorite pick from this whole list! What a great idea!
– Personalized Coffee Mug/Thermos: practical, delicious, and sentimental. A good mix.
– Visor Clip: he doesn’t ever take his cap off? Now he’ll always have you in view.

Practical: Everybody needs equipment and tools to do their job. Some things just optimize the work. Some make the job go easier or help your body handle the physical stresses of it.
– Multitool/Pocket Knife: he can’t have too many of these.
– Polarized Sunglasses: or these. Glasses get lost and break all the time.
– Miniature Safe: to store important things safely. A must-have.
– Miniature Fridge: to store all those delicious homemade meals.
– Support Seat Cushion: do these come with built-in heaters? Hmm. Might check it out.
– Truck Mattress: specially sized and well-used. Buy a fresh one!

Entertainment: Does anyone really enjoy the act of driving for hours on end? Really? Well, for everyone who needs to give their brain some distraction or relief from the monotony, here are some useful gift ideas.
– Sirius Radio: the widest range of radio.
– Audiobook/Subscription: Audible and other services have tiered subscription options.
– DVDs: the possibilities are endless!
– Headset/Earphones: everyone’s ears are different. Check which style he might prefer.
– Handheld Gaming Console: Game Boys, Nintendo Switches, or a gift card to the app store.

Useables: Another angle to explore with your gift is to replenish things that run out. Whether it’s food or shampoo or ready cash, many day-to-day items get used up by drivers on the job. It’s better to already have back-ups than to have to find replacements on the fly.
– Snack Basket: that’s not rumble strips. That’s his stomach! It’s snack time.
– Stocked Shower Kit: nobody wants to run out of soap mid-shower.
– Keurig/K-cups: to keep the caffeine coming.