Through the first quarter of 2019, CDL Legal has already saved its members over $160k in attorney fees, fines, and other associated costs.  Attorneys can always be expensive, but as a CDL driver, the costs can get much higher. Attorneys understand CDL holders make their living driving and keeping points off their license is critical in protecting their livelihood. The cost for a CDL driver to hire an attorney compared to the everyday driver can be much higher and in some cases, it can be $1500 or more to fight violations. When a professional driver receives a ticket outside of their home state that can drive the cost of an attorney even higher.

CDL Legal covers 100% of attorney fees at the Gold level package. “Truck drivers do not get up in the morning expecting to receive a violation that day. It is almost always unexpected”, says Amy Hack, Customer Service Manager for CDL Legal. Hack goes on to say, “Defending truck drivers is what we are passionate about. We provide peace of mind when the unexpected happens. We do that by not only saving our members money on attorneys but take all the hassle out of the process. They call us, send in a copy of their ticket, and we do the rest. They can continue to focus on driving.”

In addition to saving drivers money on attorneys, CDL Legal has achieved a 95% success rate in reducing or eliminating points off their members’ licenses. CDL Legal boasts a best-in-class dismissal rate of just over 50%. The reason for the highest success rate in the industry is the way the attorneys are vetted and the restrictive requirements just to be part of the CDL Legal attorney network.  It’s this attention to detail and high standards that are reflected in this success. “Saving money on attorneys and fines is a big deal, but protecting our member’s ability to drive and earn a living is what drives us every day,” says Hack,

If you value peace of mind and want your livelihood to be protected by the best in the industry, then give CDL Legal a call today.