2023 Showed Our Worth

We just keep growing and helping more and more drivers. Last year, CDL Legal saved members over $5.7 Million in attorney fees, court costs and fines, and other related costs. We actually low-ball these number estimates when we calculate the savings. Individual cases can run much farther into the red without the help of our network attorneys and staff protecting drivers and keeping their licenses safe.

CDL Attorney costs can reach higher than average, especially when a professional driver receives a CDL citation outside of their home state. In some cases, the difference between attorney costs for a CDL driver and the average driver can exceed $1,500. This issue is made even more frustrating for CDL drivers because keeping points off their license is critical in protecting their livelihood. With high stakes and even higher costs, legal success is necessary to keep good drivers on the road.

Attorney Network Makes the Difference

Some legal service companies use limited attorney networks that don’t work well for CDL drivers. They force drivers to pay thousands of dollars in bond money just to start their cases. The attorneys are not local to the courts that they fight in, so they aren’t experts in working those courts to get the best results. Because of this, drivers are either shut out of legal help because they can’t pay the up-front bond or they aren’t getting the best possible chance because their attorneys aren’t well-suited to the case.

Our Legal Service is Different

We have a well-honed and tested network of attorneys who are all CDL law experts and who have proven they can win in the courts where we send them. Because our attorneys are local to their courts, they handle most bonds and filing costs right away. Our driver-members never even see those costs. More importantly: our drivers do see regular updates on their cases, open plans on how our attorneys will defend them, and wins and wins and wins.

Our Success Rate

Although victory is never guaranteedCDL Legal has an industry-leading 95% success rate for reducing or eliminating points off your CDL drivers’ licenses. We also have the highest CDL citation dismissal rate in the industry at nearly 50%. In most cases, the driver never even has to show up in court. Better out on the road earning money than stuck in a courtroom.  Plus, we save our members hundreds of dollars per ticket on CDL attorney costs. If you’re a member, we take care of the attorney bill.

We’re proud of our records and are always trying to improve. The secret to our success is the high standards and restrictive requirements we hold for our CDL Legal attorney network. Our vetting process to bring in and maintain attorneys in our national network is part of an innovative approach to the CDL law process that’s geared to give our drivers the best chance for success.

More Savings

Back to the issue of costs. Not only does CDL Legal save drivers from paying excessive attorney costs with a high success rate on CDL tickets, but we also maintain a discount network that provides savings to our members every day. Our CDL Legal Member Perks include 300k discounts (and counting) for popular hotels, rental cars, prescription drugs, theme parks, AMC theaters, vacation packages, car repair, vitamins, and much more!

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