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Why should I help drivers fight tickets, when it’s their fault they got it?
Driver citations can greatly impact your business in many ways, whether it comes in the form of having to let the driver go due to too many points on their MVR, or insurance rates increasing due to citations. Not all driver citations are warranted and should be allowed to contest.
How do CSA points affect my business and why should I care?
CSA points are indicators of risk, therefore high CSA scores can cause an increase in insurance rates. High CSA scores can also make you more likely to be audited by DOT.
How does fighting tickets impact my CSA scores?
Fighting tickets that also include inspections allows you the opportunity to have CSA points removed based on the outcome of the hearing. Any citation that gets dismissed can be challenged on DataQ and will remove those points.
Why is it important to track my scores across FMCSA BASIC categories?
CSA scores affect many things, from insurance underwriting profiles to how a carrier is judged by shippers and freight brokers to whether a carrier might be in jeopardy of losing its Satisfactory rating with the DOT.  In addition to these factors, when BASIC CSA scores get to high levels, a carrier’s ISS score triggers officers across the country that the carrier should be subject to greater scrutiny through increased inspections.
Who typically pays for CDL Legal program services?
There is a range of payment options available for paying for CDL Legal membership.  The most common arrangement is a carrier paying for driver membership and then recouping the monthly membership cost through payroll deduction.  However, many carriers choose to share the cost of the membership with their drivers or invest in the entire cost and use the membership as a recruiting and retention benefit for its drivers.

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