Attorney Network Services

CDL Legal is a legal services provider that specializes in traffic legal matters related to truckers and transportation. A big part of our service is maintaining a network of attorneys nationwide. These attorneys take on traffic cases for our driver-members in order to protect their CDL license records from the damage caused by traffic tickets. 

We vet all attorneys who join our network. We look for attorneys who understand the special legal challenges faced by CDL drivers. We also want attorneys who have a proven success record in the courts where we send them.


So what are the benefits of joining the CDL Legal Attorney Network?

  1. We send fresh cases to you. No need to pay us a referral or advertisement fee. Our business is to send you business. If we trust you to take care of our driver-members, you are our first call when a court you that work comes up. Success builds on success.
  2. CDL drivers a low on trust, but high on word-of-mouth. The trucking industry operates on trust and relationships. A driver you saved from getting fired by winning his case will tell everyone he knows that you are THE guy to call for help. Word-of-mouth referrals will drive more business to you.
  3. We support your case with our admin staff. Our team communicates case updates with drivers and their carriers (who often want to be in the know). We help get documents from you to the driver and back again with a signature. Anything you need from the driver to further your case, we can get for you.


Join the Network and Get More Cases

Get connected with an Attorney Account Manager and join our network! If you have experience working cases for CDL drivers, we want your help!


Attorney Referral Network

The best part about CDL Legal referring you cases is not the free business. The best part is that we filter the cases before they even get to you. We want to be as efficient as possible. So if a case is inappropriate for what you would handle, we won’t waste your time. Examples would be cases in courts where you don’t work, non-traffic cases, or tickets that the driver should just pay instead of fighting. 

Our Attorney Account Managers constantly strive for a level of efficiency and clear communication that makes your work easy. We direct information quickly and keep tabs on the case so that we can inform and educate our driver-members and their carriers. Our goal over the lifespan of a case is to streamline the process as much as possible for your success in court.

Referrals work both ways. Our hope is to develop a strong working relationship with you. Our network attorneys often refer us to attorneys they know if we come with a case that is outside their area. In this way, we are strengthening our network and growing our pipeline for more referrals to you.


Attorney Search Network

CDL Legal has been in business for almost 6 years, but our roots go much further back. The directors who built our attorney network have been working together in the trucking industry for decades. We know trucking, and we know to trust experts. That is why we search for the best attorneys to add to our network. 

Our coverage for our driver-members is nationwide, but we can always improve in areas with tough courts or low numbers of suitable attorneys. Our search constantly leads us to new attorneys. We’re looking to discover the next success story, the next life-changing win for a CDL driver. Our Attorney Account Managers want only the best attorneys in our network. They take care with every case to find the best option for that driver.

Our growth means growth for our attorneys as well. We receive dozens of new cases every day from across the country. Our top attorneys see dozens of those cases every year, and we continue to grow our driver-member base. If you want to see a boost to your case opportunities and you think you might be a good fit, contact us! The more we can build on success stories, the more new business we can drive to you.


Start Representing Truck Drivers in Our Network

You can reach out to our Attorney Account Managers to get started in our network. Representing CDL drivers is a particular skill. It is vital to drivers, who bet the success of their careers on expert representation from good attorneys. We don’t just want attorneys who would dip into these cases casually. ‘

We want attorneys who know the pressures and problems that CDL drivers face. We want attorneys who can speak the same language as these drivers. Most importantly, we want attorneys who are committed to defending our driver-members in courts that are often uncaring or hostile to them.