September 13th – 19th is National Trucker Appreciation Week! We are so thankful to the many men and women behind the wheel who keep America running. If you know a trucker, say “thank you” to them this week. If you want to do more, we have 5 more ways to thank a trucker. And the best part is, you can do these any time of year!


  1. Be courteous on the road. Truckers get treated like road obstacles by other drivers, day in and day out. Be aware, patient, and courteous while driver near a rig. Let them have the right of way. They’ve more than earned it.


  1. Take it to social media with the hashtag #ThankATrucker. Share a story of how you got that one thing you ordered and needed in time, how you went to the store and bought your favorite whatever, how your date night at the seafood place in central Iowa was delicious. Truckers bring the world to you. They have a hand in delivering everything from essentials to lifestyle accessories. Show support for them because they support you. 


  1. You can support truckers more directly, too. There are dozens of charities out there that help truckers in need. You can donate to one of these charities below or find another out there who can use your money to help a trucker.
    St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund
    Meals for 18 Wheels
    Trucker Charity


  1. More of a gift person than a donation person? You wouldn’t believe how many gift options there are for truckers. If you know a trucker you’d like to share a gift with, or you’d just like to have something on hand the next time you cross paths with a trucker, there’s no shortage of options. Check out this article to help narrow it down.


  1. Pray for a trucker, pray with a trucker. This can be a little awkward to do for a stranger. It’s kind of like giving a stranger a hug, so proceed with caution. But if you get the chance to stand with a trucker and pray for them, you might turn their whole week around. It’s one thing to know people out there support your business on social media. It’s another to get their thanks in person. But when someone specifically prays for your success and health and safety, that shows true appreciation and gratitude like nothing else.