Christmas is coming around quick! If you’re out doing last-minute shopping for the trucker in your life and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Every year, we put out a list of gift ideas for truckers. We hope this list gives you inspiration and sparks Christmas cheer!


  1. Personalized Mudflaps: cool, practical, a statement. What more could you ask for?
  2. Work Belt: we recommend Grip 6 brand. We wear them. We really like them.
  3. Visor Clip: great for ball caps and bills of lading.


  1. Miniature Safe: whether storing important documents, a personal defense firearm, or a wedding ring, best to keep it safe
  2. Minature Fridge: see above. Got to keep those important goodies safe and cool.
  3. Sleeper Mattress: if the sleeper berth gets a lot of use, a fresh mattress can make all the difference.


  1. Sirius Radio: nothing better than infinite radio channels.
  2. Audiobook Subscription: Audible and other online booksellers have a huge range of really well-made audiobooks.
  3. Headset or Earbuds: everyone’s ears are different, so what feels comfortable changes from person to person.


  1. Snack Basket: always good to have a stomach-refill within reach. Check out our article on Good Snacks for Truckers.
  2. Stocked Shower Kit: an extra bar of soap and disposable razor are always handy.
  3. Sanitizing & Health Safety Gear: gloves, mask, sanitizing wipes, and more. Check out our article on Building a Trucker’s Health Safety Kit.

Good luck, holiday shoppers! And Merry Christmas.